EXPOSED: The 6 Most Common Dietary Lies

When it comes to losing weight fast, there are literally thousands of myths out there. The most popular is probably “All fat people eat too much!” Even though this is true in most cases, there are recorded cases where obese people eat just as much as their thin counterparts. Why is this the case? There are several reasons, but a common one is that people have slowed down their metabolism to such an extent, mostly through dozens of low-calorie diets, that they can eat as little as they want AND STILL don’t lose fat.

But why is it that Jon Benson tries to bust the most common myths when it comes to “how to lose weight” quick in his program, Every Other Day Diet?

Well, he says that, in order to defeat an enemy you must know ALL its weaknesses. Some myths and urban legends are holding us back when it comes to losing weight, so it’s time to get rid of them once and for all. That exactly what I am about to do in this article!

1) I can’t be fat, I am a size 4

Well, guess what: Size doesn’t matter! At least in this case. The only thing that matters is your body fat percentage. With other words the percentage of fat to lean muscle you are carrying around.
There are people that have a 30-inch waistline, who still carry around 30% body fat. How? The fat is distributed ABOVE their waist. It is called skinny fat, and believe me it the skinny part is not the word that describes this person best…

2) I am very athletic and ripped. I mean, I run marathons!

This is an extreme example (although one based on real life), but it should show you a popular misconception. Being in shape has lots of meanings. Just because you are in good cardiovascular shape does not mean that you are not fat and vice versa.

I am talking from personal experience here: My father rides his bike for AT LEAST 80 miles every week, yet he is more than 40 pounds overweight. Yet he thinks he is in good shape, and all my affords to convince him to finally change his diet have failed so far. I will never stop trying though…

3) “I swallowed a lot of anger over the years”

Emotions can affect a lot of things. But there is one thing it can’t affect for sure: the way your body processes calories.

See, the reason a lot of people gain weight when they are emotionally stressed is because the implement bad eating habits. Those make you fat.

4) My parents are both fat, so I MUST be fat too!
One of my closest friends has parents who are both obese, but yet he managed to be skinny and ripped. Yes, those are his real parents and his siblings are all overweight as well.

How he did it? He just decided that he was not FORCED to be fat, and took his life into his own hands. He changed his diet and started working out.

See, most of the time, being fat is not genetically predetermined. If your parents are obese, chances are they have some very bad eating habits. And chances are that they handed them over to their kids as well. But that’s where the story ends. Nobody forces you to keep these bad eating habits. Just change them. Sure, your parents might tell you that you are just wasting your time. But should you really listen to their expertise on that topic?

5) I am just heavy boned…

This is Eric Cartman’s favorite excuse. And guess what: It is completely wrong. First of all, nobody has bones that make their belly look fat. NOBODY. Having large bones is actually a good thing. It means that you naturally carry around more muscle than people with smaller bones do. More muscle means that more calories are burned around the clock.

6) I have a thyroid condition

Do you? Guess what, my girlfriend does so too. So does my father. My girlfriend went to the doctor to get it fixed. She is in great shape, and I guess it helps that I do the shopping and cooking in the house. So her eating habits are good.

My father on the other hand says he can’t lose weight due to “his condition”. He doesn’t take medicine, but goes on “fast diets” or crash diets every once in a while. After each one of these diets he regains all the weight he lost before and then some. He says it’s because of his thyroid, I think it is because he eats twice as much as he should and most foods he eats are garbage. You be the judge…


In this article I have tried to give you an overview of the 6 most common myths when it comes to losing weight and I have tried to dismiss them and expose them for what they are: myths. 95% of obesity can be reversed by simply implementing some changes to your diet. Change your lifestyle when it comes to eating and you will soon see how everything else follows: Your body, your energy levels, and your lifespan.

Make sure to check my next article, as this will be my long overdue Every Other Day Diet Review!

Till then,

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